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ruurlo goodlooking abbas in krant.jpg
Good Looking Ruurlo

May 9th 2024

Till June 22nd an exhibition of paintings and sculptures 'Far faces closeby' - Verre gezichten dichtbij. Refugee artists have been portrayed by reknown Dutch painters. The talented refugees show their work too. Theme: linking connection.

De Smidse - Ruurlo

1. esra emden flyer voorkant.jpg
Powergirls II in Emden

March 12nd 2023

Till April 2nd over 50 portraits of young powergirls in the Ostfriesischen Landes Museum Emden, Germany. My oilpainting of powergirl Esra is on the flyers and the posters are all over the city. The group exhibition has as theme: equality for everyone. In 2022 March 8, on the International Womensday, I hosted and participated the exhibition Powergirls I. Maybe next year in Norway with even more portraits.

Commissioned work completed

March 2nd 2023

Marijke Muoi, Marijke van Hessen Kassel, a noble lady in our royal family. I made this painting/sculpture for the entrance of culinary bistro Wine & Dine at Parkhotel Tjaarda Oranjewoud.
74 x 90 cm   oilpainting on panel with 3D-elements and a self- sculptured frame.

Interview Face to Face

Febr. 23 rd 2023

In de rubriek FacetoFace een interview in het huis-aan-huis magazine van GrootHeerenveen (02 23)
Twee pagina’s groot in tekst en beeld.

Tekst: Janita Bron en beeld Mustafa Gumussu

meet & greet GW 14 01 23.jpg
Meet & Greet Gabriëlle Westra, winner 'Sterren op het doek'

Jan. 14th 2023 16 h. @ Galerie Autrevue Heerenveen

At the newyears event I'll tell something about my adventures of Sterren op het doek. Randolph Algera tells something about our new art projects of 2023, the year of Vermeer.

Sinan Can, Gabriëlle Westra,  90x120cm, Olieverf en 3D-reliëf op paneel.jpg
Gabriëlle Westra wins 'Sterren op het doek'

Dec. 10th 2022 - NPO2 - Omroep Max - Sinan Can

Journalist and documentary maker Sinan Can chooses my painting to take home. I'm very pleased to say I'm the winner.

Gabriëlle Westra participates to 'Sterren op het doek'

Dec. 10th 2022 - NPO2 - Omroep Max - Sinan Can

I'm one of the 3 artists that will make a portrait of journalist, documentary maker Sinan Can. He only can choose one to take home.

Simon Pasini - Italië.jpg
Simon Pasini - Meet & Greet - Sept.10
Paola Cordone - Opening 'Italian Dreams'

Exhibition 'Italian Dreams' (Sept 10 - October 30) - opening by Paola Cordone, cultural attaché Italian Embassy The Hague. 
The famous Italian painter Simon Pasini is especially coming over for a meet & greet.

I'm hosting and participating this special exhibition.


Paintings by Simon Pasini, Yvonne Melchers, Mischa Tranquilli, Thomas Langeveld, Gerd Renshof, Bas Nijenhuis, Janey Robertson, Gabriëlle Westra en Randolph Algera. Paintings of Yvonne Melchers are participating the Lunar Codex Program. They will be transported to the moon.

Gabriëlle Westra ontvangt de Prix de Norvège.

8 april 2022 - Galerie Autrevue

Op 8 april, Wereld Vrouwen Dag, ontvangt Gabriëlle Westra uit handen van Egbert Pijfers, de initiatiefnemer van deze prijs, voor de hoge kwaliteit van schilderijen, zeer verdiend.

artikel FD Actueel 290521 Historie komt
Historie komt tot leven in 19e eeuws herenhuis

 29 mei 2021 Friesch Dagblad

Een artikel over onze restauratie van 3 anderhalf eeuw oude plafonds en over  het ontwerpen en uitvoeren van een muurschildering van 12 x 3 m. voor een voormalige gouverneurswoning in Leeuwarden.

Leeuwarder Courant 040521 steampunk muur
Stad in steampunk - muurschildering 12 x 3 m.

4 mei 2021 Leeuwarder Courant

An article about our mural of 12 x 3 m. which we painted in our Galerie Autrevue, for a former governer's residence in Leeuwarden, now a hotel, grand café. It deals with the history of the sea, through the farmland to the city.  The property also has its own brewery. The mural gives the city its history back.

Wat maakt je tot een echte kunstenaar?

Jaargang 11, editie 1 2021 Krant van Oranjewoud

A magazine article about artists, what inspires them? Also one about Gabriëlle Westra, painter.

"My modern Muse" top-10 Rembrandt Leeft

November 30, 2019

#oilpainting "My modern Muse" is one of the 10 finalists in the contest Rembrandt Leeft. It will be exhibited from 2019 November 30th untill 2020 January 26th in Leiden:

“het Straatje” in BplusC location library Nieuwstraat, Leiden.

Galerie Autrevue, article in the Museum Krant

November 30, 2019

Museum Magazine (autumn number 2019) wrote an article about our Galerie Autrevue. We're very pleased with this kind of attention.

Galerie Autrevue, Woudsterweg 4, 8448 HA Heerenveen is owned by Randolph Algera and hosted by the two of us.

Two of my paintings in Vind Magazine

September 10, 2019

Galerie Autrevue placed two of my paintings in an article in Art magazine; Vind

Expo Mathilde Willink Ruurlo in NRC

June 01, 2019

14 mei 2019 stond op de achterpagina van de NRC een artikel over de Mathilde Willink tentoonstelling in Ruurlo.

GERRIT on longlist of The Dutch Portrait Prize 2019

May 31, 2019

GERRIT is nominated for the longlist, the best 10% out of 1250 works of art.






Nominated for Painting of the year 2018

Two of my paintings are nominated for painting of the year 2018. The painting Dream of freedom I made together with co-artist Randolph Algera. My own painting En route is also nominated. Although my paintings are not in the final ten, I am proud to be one, or actually two of the fiftyfive selected artists.

My portrait is selected for the Dutch selfportrait exhibition - Amsterdam

My Selfportrait 'Fakebook' was selected by the jury of The Dutch Portrait Price for an exhibition of selfportraits in Gallery Loods 6 in Amsterdam.

Great honor to be selected out of so many dutch attendees/artists.

Documentary about my murals and glasstained portrets

After following Art-Decor and me throughout the project of designing and making a complete new church on island Ameland, this december the documentary made by Froukje Sijtsma came out. It was an incredible job and wonderful to be able to see the entire creation proces in the documentary.  

Isabella Diks of the House of representatives reveals my Mata hari painting

For the Mata hari project in shopping mall Zaailand in Leeuwarden they asked me to make a painting with Mata hari. Isabella Diks of the House of representatives reveals my painting on the opening of the project.

Live painting at solo exhibition in Museum Heerenveen

A lot of my paintings are now exhibited in a solo exhibition in museum Heerenveen and I will be there to talk about my work and to demonstrate painting on my latest work!

A lot of visitors at Open Atelier/Studio

For two days visitors could come and take a look at my studio.  Although we are in the middle of building a new gallery, Gallery Autrevue and new studio, a lot of people came for a sneak peek. I exhibited a few of my paintings and talked a lot about the brand new ways to exhibit paintings of different brilliant artists in Gallery Autrevue.

>>> Read more:

>>> Read more: artist impression of a room in Gallery Autrevue

Giving lectures in Dutch Palace Soestdijk was great

Because my painting; Yoshimi was nominated for the Dutch Portrait price, they asked me if I wanted to give a few lectures about portraits, my work and paintings. It was a great experience to give the lectures and I met a lot of interesting people. Also it is very nice to see all your art, projects, art events, great commissions and experiences in a row. My live is definitely not boring!

Yoshimi is nominated for the Dutch Portrait Prize 2017!

Yoshimi is nominated for the Dutch Portrait Prize 2017!

The Dutch Portrait Prize 2017

My work is added in this book Het portret

Realisme III

My work is selected for this book Realisme III

Workshop Castpaining

In june 2017 I will give a workshop castpainting at Onderneming op Kunstgebied in Groningen. I will teach my own methode. Its the 3-5-7 methode i develloped myself.

Painting casts is a basic practice exercize you need to devellop your accuracy and tonality.

Ready for exhibition New York with two paintings

The theme for the exhibition in New York is Art Deco. So one painting; Merope's Oasis, is inspired by the Oasis; the room divider bij Edgar Brandt and the other painting i make as a duo-production with Randolph Algera, That painting; Dream of freedom, shows a woman in Art Deco clothing I painted. In the background Randolph will add a combination of present and past skylines of New York.

Kind words from Luts Jacobi of the House of Representatives at opening of exhibition in my work in museum

Kind words from Luts Jacobi of the House of Representatives at opening of exhibition in my work in museum Opsterlân in Gorredijk

Two of my paintings in the race for the Dutch Portrait Prize!

Two of my paintings in the race for the Dutch Portrait Prize! Nominations will be announced on 15-4-2017

More information about Art-Diner October 28

October 27, 2016

Leeuwarder Courant

This is an article in the Leeuwarder Courant about my painting Passing the Past.

Exhibition in St.-Petersburg Russia was great!

It was an honor to exhibit with such incredible artists from all over the world in the wonderful exhibitioncenter St.-Petersburg Union of Artists. An exhibiton center where Russian artists like Malevich and Kandinsky exhibited before me! Next Salon will be in New York!

Leeuwarder Courant front page

This is an article in the Leeuwarder Courant about a painting I made with co-artist Randolph Algera. 

Klassieke Salon

My work is added in this book. De Klassieke salon 2016. The academy of art; De Klassieke Academie celebrates her 10th year anniversary with 19 exhibitions of 128 artists. My work is exhibited in Museum Opsterlân in Gorredijk.

My new brochures are ready

My new brochures arrived! This is a proof version.

Realisme 2015/16

My work is selected for this book Realisme 2015/16

Appaloosa Gabriëlle

My inspiring model Ine de Jong named one of her appaloosa foals after me! Great honour. This is beautiful and sweet Gabriëlle

Florence Academy of Art

My weekly report of a summercourse i took at Florence Academy of Art.


Company I work with

The Classical Academy of Art in Groningen

The Classical Academy of Art in Groningen

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