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Meet & Greet

meet & greet GW 14 01 23.jpg

Sterren op het Doek
10-12-'22 tv NPO2

sohd 101222 sinancan gwestra.jpg

I'm one of the 3 fine artists participating in the tv-program Sterren op het Doek /stars on the canvas. We each make a portrait of special guest Sinan Can, well known journalist and documentary maker. You're invited to watch and see which painting he will choose.
Update: I'm very happy to tell I'm the winner. Sinan has choosen my painting to take home.

Just finished

Yara GMW


Workshops & lessons
new dates

workshops lessons.jpg

The new dates (updated) for 2023 are released.

serie portrait- and paintinglessons
serie figuredrawing
castpainting - weekend
paint your own subject - weekend

Sterren op het Doek
Winning painting

Sinan Can, Gabriëlle Westra,  90x120cm, Olieverf en 3D-reliëf op paneel.jpg

"With this painting I could make a journey to my soul", said Sinan Can. "The Eufraat, the Waal, Nijmegen, the starnight of Van Gogh, the Rumi quotes, all comes together in this painting of Gabriëlle." it's called 'the mirror.' See tab more>video's for his motivation.

@ Galerie Autrevue

Pearl oilpainting by Gabriëlle. Westra .jpg


This painting was at the exhibition 'In the light of Vermeer' with Henk Helmantel, Rein Pol & the Laureates of the Prix de Norvège in Vermeer Center & 'Oude Kerk' - Delft.
A very actual theme - slavery
Now to be seen @ Galerie Autrevue Heerenveen.

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