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Exhibition 'Autrevue' Pictura - Ayden
28/8 - 8/10


Evening glory, 80x140cm, olieverf en 3D-effect op paneel 3,35 mb.jpg

Evening Glory
80x150 cm
oil on panel & 3D elements


In the footsteps of Vermeer  
28/8 - 8/10

Pearl oilpainting by Gabriëlle. Westra .jpg


My painting at the exhibition 'In the footsteps of Vermeer' with Henk Helmantel, Rein Pol & the Laureates of the Prix de Norvège
Vermeer Center & 'Oude Kerk' - Delft

Just finished

Yara GMW

Commissioned work

The language of Love
Koppelkerk - Bredevoort
29/7 - 11/9

Expectation 42x60 104 kb.jpg

My work @ the exhibition:
Expectation 60 x 42 oil on linen
My love, tell me, where does that fire come from? And where will it go? Will the wind bring your love to me?

Wild Art Diner

wildgerecht GMWestra v.jpg

Our Events
Wild Art Diner Oct. 8 - 18:00 h. till midnight
Top diner at a top location, live music, stories, beautiful art made by Gabriëlle Westra & Randolph Algera, auction for a good purpose, afterparty with dj.
Galerie Autrevue is organizing this event at Oranjetuin, Tjaarda - Oranjewoud.

Painting: game dish - made by Gabriëlle Westra