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Motivation of Sinan Can for choosing my painting

at the tv-program Sterren op het doek 2022
Such a great compliment. I'm very pleased.
Impression of Exhibition Warm Winter in our Galerie Autrevue
Realistic paintings of Dutch and foreign painters (USA, FA) about the changing climate.
Introduction of Salon, great Art Event I co-organised
Check Art Projects in the menu for more information
Documentary Omrop Fryslân Clemens church Nes Ameland
After following Art-Decor and me throughout the project of designing and making a complete new church on island Ameland, this december the documentary made by Froukje Sijtsma came out. It was an incredible job and wonderful to be able to see the entire creation proces in the documentary. 
St.-Clemenschurch Nes Ameland
This church almost completely burned down in 2013. Art-Decor Randolph Algera got the opportynity to design a new interior (ceilings, floors, furniture and >30 stained glass windows.
I work with Art-Decor and I'm so proud Randolph asked me to make u.o. the stained glass portrets and the figures in the murals!
Promo Art Diner
Promo of our Art-Diner. A very special event with good art, good food, nice live music with pianist and dj/vj and movies that show our inspiration for the paintings we exhibit. This event presents our art and us as artists.
Gabriëlle Westra RTV-Noord
Video about my work in exhibiton in Pictura in Groningen
Live painting in Museum
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