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Documentary of our project:

Art interieur of Clemens church project

After following Art-Decor and me throughout the project of designing and making a complete new church on island Ameland, this december the documentary made by Froukje Sijtsma came out. It was an incredible job and wonderful to be able to see the entire creation proces in the documentary.  

Clemens Church on island Ameland

Making a Mural on the arch above the sanctuary

Mural making Proces:

I have been asked to paint the figures in the design of Art-Decor for a mural on the arch above the sanctuary. It's a mural of 3 by 7 meters. We paint this on canvas en place it, when it is completely finished.


* First I draw the figures in charcoal (taking into account that the viewer will see this painting from below. So I adjust the proportions).

* Then I make an under-painting in color in two values.

* Then I paint until it's finished.

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