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Nieuwe Data 2021!

 Figure painting
Portrait painting / - drawing
Paint your own design

My paintings and others in our own GALERIE AUTREVUE, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen.
Open on Fr/Sat 11-17 and Sun 12-17 h. more possibilities on appointment
Call +31653378851 or mail to
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Geef je op voor gratis proefles 


Zaterdag 18 en zondag 19 september 2021 tijdens de kunstroute Heerenveen geef ik een gratis introductie les portretschilderen om 15:00

 Just finished

'Grutte Pier' - 'Lit my gewurde'
icon in the Frisian history

 for an upcoming Art-Diner Event

Just finished

'Grutte Pier' - icon in the Frisian history
#oilpainting with 3D structure
for an upcoming Art-Diner Event
made at the set of the Grutte Pier-film of Steven de Jong