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Nemesis and the Swan
Nemesis, 80x120 cm
Ondergrond van Nemesis.jpg

Most people know the myth of Leda and the swan. However, I wanted to paint NEMESIS and the swan. Zeus, the Greek god, didn't catch her by seduction, but by disguising as a swan. He so-called fled to escape from an eagle. He played along to protect her innocence. Nemesis is also the goddess of justifiable revenge.

I wanted to catch in one look strength, vulnerability and a mother's intuition. This beautiful young model I met, I asked to radiate the wonderment of a conceivable pregnancy, combativeness and at the same time seduction. She was very inspiring. While I was painting Nemesis, this model actually conceived. What a serendipity.

Oil and 3D effect on panel

Dimensions: 70 x 150 cm.

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