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The Story of the Crow and the Peacock
Korean girl with peacock
Koreaans meisje gezicht.jpg
Koreaans meisje detail veren.jpg


This Korean girl inspired me to paint “The story of the crow and the peacock”, which is about finding your happiness.

The crow, unhappy with its black feathers, compares himself to the white swan, who does the same to the parrot, who does the same to the peacock. The peacock reveals to the crow to value its freedom, for all the other birds are locked up for their beauty. Lesson: don’t compare but value your gifts and just be happy.

This is the third painting in a serie. The second was Nemesis and the swan,  the first was Evening Glory.

Oil and 3D effect on panel

Dimensions: 70 x 160 cm.

Making of met 3D-effect.jpg
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