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Salon Leeuwarden

One of the gallery Autrevue Art-projects is Salon Leeuwarden 2018

Randolph Algera & Gabriëlle Westra - hosting Salon Leeuwarden 2018 

Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture in 2018 - Netherlands


Randolph Algera is a member of Salon from the beginning. He participated at the first gathering in 1992 in Belgium and just loved it. When Salon reconvened in 1996, more and more great artisans joined every year. Randolph always talked about how Salon was such a unique way for many traditions and different techniques to be shared amongst one another. Top master-craftsmen from many different countries teaching students and also each other their specialties.


When Gabriëlle Westra joined the Salon in 2014 she couldn’t agree more. The quality of the work by artisans coming from all over the world, is spectacular. To see everybody demonstrating is so inspiring and enriching. Especially the transparency in sharing and the teaching without reticence is impressive. Apart from this it is great to travel to foreign places and to make new friends. There is such a welcome feeling in Salon. It is wonderful that so many participants are able to come each year. Everybody is so committed to Salon and so are we.

That’s why we are so proud and honored to host Salon 2018 in Leeuwarden, the city which is chosen to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

The Salon is a world wide gathering of some of the top artists and decorative painters. It is an exciting and unique Art show of masters from different countries who exhibit their work, teach master-classes, discuss old and new techniques, products and information in the field. The Salon is a non-profit organization, which began in 1992 in Belgium with a small gathering of professionals. It reconvened in 1996 and has been coming together in growing numbers every year since.

The Salon is now recognized as the most important and significant gathering of decorative painters in the world. Participants of The Salon include owners and teachers of Art schools, businesses, independent and commercial companies. The Salon is a way for some of the most unique traditions, within a field of many styles of art, to be shared amongst one another and ultimately passed onto participants, students and future generations. The opportunity enhances and extends the level of communication between serious and committed artisans, master-craftsmen, painters and decorators.

Salon Leeuwarden 2018

Salon Leeuwarden 2018

Salon Leeuwarden 2018