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One of the gallery Autrevue Art-projects is the Art-Diner

The Art-Diner is an titillating multi-media event. In Elevé, a restaurant awarded with a Michelin star, a selection of paintings from Randolph Algera and me will be shown strenghtend with video, light-effects and live music. This, all the while you enjoy a combining 3-course meal with wine pairing.

Because of the video, light and music the spectator can take a look in the mind of us as artists. Find the inspiration for our paintings and view the paintings in real life in a new perspective.

A gallery created specially for this event, open for 4 hours, shows a selection of their works.


We organized two Art-diners. The first one on: 29-2-2016 and the second one on 28-9-2016. The third Art-Diner will be in 2022, Oct. 8.

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