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Finalist TOP - 10

 'Rembrandt Leeft'

My modern Muse

#oil on linnen

43x46 cm

Mijn moderne muze
oude vrouw leest op tablet

In our own GALERIE AUTREVUE, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen.

Open on appointment
Call +31653378851 or mail to


figure painting

portrait painting / - drawing

paint your own pet

cast painting 

paint your own design

 On the easel


'Grutte Pier' - icon in the Frisian history

painting for an Art-Diner Event in 2021 #underconstruction

 Just finished


'Grutte Pier' - Lit my gewurde
icon in the Frisian history

 for an Art-Diner Event in 2021 

Mijn moderne muze

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